An abridged and edited version of Socrates Johnson's recap in the immediate aftermath.

The day the Penn State sanctions were handed down, we were anxious to discuss pretty much anything else. Fortunately, Kristen Saban's lawsuit details hit on the same day, so there was plenty to run with there. The order of events is as such:

  • Billy Gomila comes up with skankfight as a description for the Spawn of Saban attack. The commentariat votes to move "skankfight" to the general lexicon.
  • In response to an unrelated inquiry into who wore green uniforms, as a response to the white Vandy uniforms being like the white power ranger (credit to Torgo’s Executive Powder), there was a massive hive of just Baylor posted. (Including Narrow Right and TexaninNYC)
  • Some people saw humor in this and responded to Baylor with Baylor.
  • Some people responded to these response Baylors with a Baylor response Baylor response.
  • Containment of Baylor failed and it spread to other threads.
  • Skip Baylor. (Started out as a Skip Bayless joke, but gained legs with the punchline, "Things Oklahoma wishes they did in 2011, Alex")
  • Finebaum open thread was started, cause Finebaum.
  • TexaninNYC gets on the show.
  • In span of ten seconds or so, he drops (paraphrased): "We've had way too much offseason drama, PAWL. Bobby Petrino, Mark Richt's completely lost control at Georgia, and now this [Kristen Saban]. This will end up hurting the SEC in football, especially now that there's a selection committee. I mean, look at the Heismans last year, when Griffin beat Trent Richardson. You think they're having skankfights at Baylor, PAWL? I'm a hang up and lissen."
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