Jesse Craig James is a former American football player, broadcaster and political candidate. He also killed five hookers while a student at Southern Methodist University (allegedly.)

Dead Hookers at SMU[]

The allegations against James were first made in the summer of 2011 on Tom Hammond's second-favorite snuff website, Every Day Should Be Saturday (EDSBS.) Although the site's masters have made repeated efforts to distance themselves from these slanderous accusations, visitors have reveled in reviving the unsubstantiated legend on a regular basis. IF said rumors had their origin at EDSBS, it most likely was a reaction to the equally ridiculous claim, levelled by James, that his son was locked in a closet by former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach.

Candidate for Senative[]

James quit his mumbling duties at ESPN to seek the US Senate seat from Texas being vacated by Sen. Hutchinson. This was a source of much amusement at EDSBS, as was his subsequent showing (4% of the vote) in the Republican primary.