An abridged recap of why the metropolitan city of Pittsburgh is equivalent to a shithole like Lubbock:

A Texas Tech fan came into the comments section after a thorough mocking of Tommy Tuberville, saying that he would end up being a better coach for Texas Tech than Mike Leach had been (NB: As of this writing, this remains the wrongest thing ever said on the planet Earth in the history of history).

When the many, many things keeping Texas Tech football from being interesting, let alone good, were pointed out, he responded that the population of Lubbock was similar to the population of "A Metropolitan City like Pittsburgh". Which, while technically true (Although Pittsburgh still has around 80,000 more people even in this technical truth), it excludes the fact the Pittsburgh has dense suburbs (technically outside the city), while Lubbock is surrounded by void and nothingness. Also, when thinking "good football school", Pitt does not spring to mind.

This quickly escalated into high comedy conflating Lubbock and Pittsburgh, and as such whenever one or the other is brought up, confusion reigns to this day.