Although we at EDSBS enjoy lively debate on a variety of issues, ranging from barbeque to ketchup, one of the topics that will not be tolerated is politics.

Too many sports-related sites start strong, but end up devolving into politics and ad hominem. Such is not the direction or intention of the EDSBS community.

As such, whenever a commenter gets to close to this zone, whether joking or not, the commentariat will usually warn the offending party by saying "SPIDERS" or "SPIDER CLOSET." This originated when Aunt Stabby threatened to send a commenter to the Spider Closet, but has evolved into a way for the commentariat to effectively self-police and warn potential offenders without having to delve into politics ourselves. Severe infractions can still result in a visit from Aunt Stabby, and woe be unto those who ignore the shaking glass of water or the T-Rex in the shower, as they signal an escalating punishment in the form of the pink Clemson hat or a permaban.

It should be noted that saying "SPIDERS!" or claiming "the Spider Closet" is not a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. It does not allow the user to say something incredibly politically charged and then weasel out of it by saying "SPIDERS." Doing so is frowned upon by the EDSBS community.

Religion usually falls under the same restrictions, although self-deprecation is acceptable. A general rule of thumb is this: if you find yourself questioning whether or not to post something you've written, it is better to err on the side of caution and refrain from doing so.