Basic Cable[]

  • Archer: A semi satirical comedy of 60's espionage, following the greatest Secret Agent in the world: Sterling Mallory Archer, codenamed 'Duchess'
  • Justified: A show on FX about a US Deputy Marshal, Raylan Givens, who goes back to his hometown in rural Kentucky after a mishap in Miami. Goes about his job like an old west lawman and not afraid to use his gun when needed. Heavily followed in Tuesday night threads toward the early off season.
  • Phineas and Ferb: A show on the Disney Channel and Disney XD about two kids who have 104 days of summer vacation and are trying to solve the annual problem for their generation -- finding a good way to spend it. Also about Dr. Doofenschmirtz trying to take over the Tri-State Area and being foiled by Perry the Platypus.
  • Seinfeld: A show formerly on NBC from 1989-1998, now in syndication on TBS. Many, including TV Guide, regard it to be the greatest show in the history of television. There have been many a Seinfeld references and threads on EDSBS.

Premium Cable[]

  • The Walking Dead
  • Mad Men
  • Game of Thrones

I dunno, find a DVD somewhere?[]

  • Connections: A fantastic show about the complexities of the everyday and mundane technologies which surround us.
  • Deadwood'': A Shakespearean western about the rise of communities and the evolution of capitalism. Also the source of an occasional meme based upon one of the character's (Mr. Wu's) limited English vocabulary. All those who doubt that this is phenomenal television suck cock by choice. Seriusly, just go out and get the DVDs now if you haven't already seen it.
  • The West Wing: Often used to start a subthread of quotes, despite the seemingly touchy nature of the show's subject matter. Best appreciated in the episodes before Joshua Malina showed up.